Origin of Kodavas

The Genographic Project is a research partnership of National Geographic and IBM, supported by the Waitt Family Foundation is a five year project to collect samples worldwide. One of the goals of the Genographic Project is to build a large enough database of anthropological genetic data to answer some of these questions. To achieve this, project team members are traveling to all corners of the world to collect more than 100,000 DNA samples from indigenous populations It is a landmark study of the journey of human beings from our roots to every corner of the world.

Some of our Kodavas had participated in the programe and ended up with a genetic marker called M17 and Haplogroup R1a.
It has been a long journey for our ancestors to migrate from Africa to Middle East to Central Asia and then to Europe and South Russia. It was 10,000 years ago he left from Ukraine / Russia.
Facts are unknown which path our ancestor took while coming to Coorg. There are evidence that 5-10 % of Middle East Population has our genetic mark M17 and about 35% of East Iran have our genetic mark M17 , but having said that it does not confirm that they are our ancestors.

As on today our genetic trail ends with marker M17. However, with days to come, As additional data are collected and analyzed, more will be learned about our path from Russia to Kodagu.

Kodavas are members of haplogroup R1a and carry the following Y-chromosome markers:
M168 > M89 > M9 > M45 > M207 > M173 > M17

M168 --> Africa - 50,000 Years
M89 --> North Africa / Middle East - 45,000 Years
M9 --> Iran / Central Asia - 40,000 Years
M45 --> Central Asia - 35,000 Years
M207 --> Leaving Central Asia 30,000 Years
M173 --> Europe 30,000 Years
M17 --> Ukriane / South Russia - 10,000 Years

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Below attachment  shows  our  migration route,   but   marked  RED  in  colour  is  just  my  view  and  still  believe  the  theory  that   we were  tribes  in  the  IRAN  plateau and   migrated  from  there   1600 to 1700 years ago  with  small  pack of  50-200.